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Our Name

What does ‘Christ the Redeemer’ mean?

To redeem:

1. to buy back, to win or get back
2. to free from that which distresses or harms;
         a. from captivity or slavery by payment of a ransom
         b. from something detrimental (the power of a sin or addiction)
         c. from guilt or blame
3. to change for better
4. repair, restore
5. to free from a lien or debt by payment
      a. to remove the obligation by payment
      b. to exchange something of value
      c. to make good
6. to atone for, expiate
      a. to offset the bad effect of
      b. to make worthwhile

We live in a world in which things fall apart, a broken world in need of mending. Not only does our society need to be redeemed, but our own hearts need to be redeemed as well. For the condition of our hearts is to love that which does not bring life to ourselves or others. This creates a sort of spiritual slavery that the Bible calls “sin.”

But the good news of the gospel is that there is a Redeemer–Christ the Redeemer! He has come to set us free from all that distresses and harms us: sin, death and hell–as well as the guilt, shame and blame of our sin. He redeemed us by paying the highest imaginable price of his own life on the cross. So, for all who believe in him, we are no longer our own, but have been bought with a price. This sacrificial love compels us to love and serve others, regardless of whether we perceive them to be deserving.