Our Beliefs


Our Beliefs

The Christian faith centers around the “good news” (gospel) of Jesus Christ, and is the celebration of his life, work, death and resurrection. This good news demonstrates that God is so personal and loving that he sent His Son Jesus to become human–living amidst our need, suffering in our place, fulfilling the law of love on our behalf, and granting to us new life thru His resurrection–all of this out of his sheer grace.

So when we say, “Christ (is) the Redeemer,” we mean that Jesus is the one who has set us free from the powers of sin, guilt and shame, by paying our debt, thus buying us back.

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We hold to the historic Christian faith and creeds, and strive to apply them to our daily lives and modern world.  As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, we believe the Bible (the Old and New Testament Scriptures) to be God’s Word, without error in the original manuscripts.

Our particular beliefs can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Heidelberg Catechism and New City Catechism.