Think & Drink

Think & Drink was created in Somerville in 2015 for the purpose of promoting meaningful and respectful dialogue. We are committed to the classic view of tolerance, namely, that tolerance is not measured by the absence of strong beliefs, but by how one’s beliefs lead them to treat those who disagree with them.

While Think & Drink is not a church event, we encourage our members to participate. Because we believe that our God is the God of all truth, we should not be afraid to ask or answer any honest question. We also believe there is nothing in life, however big or small, that the gospel does not intersect at some point.

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Quincy Fun & Games

Out of a desire to foster community and belonging for all peoples who have come to live in our city, members Christ the Redeemer run the meetup group, Quincy Fun & Games.

For more information, contact Pastor Matt.