Serve the City


Serve the City

We desire to love and serve Quincy in such a way that people would miss us if we were not here. We are committed to seeking the shalom (peace) of our city, as a foretaste of God’s Kingdom when it comes in all of its fullness.

For that reason, we are willing to partner with other churches and organizations who share a vision of bringing healing to our city.

Serving Opportunities
In partnership with the Quincy City Planning Department and several other Quincy churches, Christ the Redeemer is participating in a unified, coordinated effort to best meet the most urgent needs of those in our city. See below for four ways you can serve our neighbors in Quincy:
1.  New opportunity!  ENC Food Pantry:  Over the summer, several Eastern Nazarene College students will be remaining on campus. Many of these students need to stick around during the summer due to COVID-19-related scenarios. Some students would greatly benefit from the gift of food and kitchen supplies during this season, especially as campus jobs are more limited. Any food that is simple to prepare would be welcome! To arrange dropping off food or kitchen supplies, please contact Nick Pruit at
2. A Household Goods Drive: Donate much needed household goods to local agencies by just ordering them online through the following registries. Use the links below to select which agency/agencies you would like to donate items to:
Interfaith Social Services – donate items
QCAP Community Food Center – donate items
Quincy Corps Salvation Army – donate items
YMCA Germantown Neighborhood Center – donate items
3. Meals on Wheels: South Shore Elder Services Meals on Wheels program is seeking healthy volunteers to deliver meals to Seniors. For more info, or to volunteer, CLICK HERE or contact Pastor Matt.

For more information, check out the South Shore Hunger Network BY CLICKING HERE.

4. Face covering materials for ENC students: Of the Eastern Nazarene College students who are living on campus, some do not have the materials to make face coverings to use when they leave their apartments, and they need to leave their apartment several times a day just to get food from the cafeteria.  If you have extra materials such as bandannas, scarves, new hair ties etc., that you would be willing to donate for ENC students to make coverings for themselves, it would be much appreciated! Also, if you know how to sew and would be willing to make masks for students it would be a big help. You can drop off materials / masks at the home of Nick Pruitt:

In addition, Lisa Knittle, a member of our CTR church community, is making and selling cloth masks. If you want to donate her masks to ENC students (or purchase some for yourself), please contact her at Her masks are $5 each, are available in adult and child sizes, and come with ear loops. If purchasing for specific individuals, please specify gender to ensure satisfaction with fabric color/pattern.

Additional organizations with which we have partnered include: