Infants & Children


Infants & Children

*Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot provide childcare. However, during this time, we have created a “family space” in the fellowship hall, where children can take part in a lesson, enjoy an activity, sing a song, and make a craft. During Covid-19, we require a parent to stay with their child(ren) in the family space. Adults will be required to wear masks and social distance.*  

We are honored that you would consider entrusting your child to our care. We promise to do all that we can to create a safe and loving environment for your child. Our hope is that your child loves coming to church, that they find great fellowship with other children and leaders, and that they continually hear the gospel in a way that is engaging and developmentally appropriate. We would like to take a moment to give you a little information about our children’s ministry at Christ the Redeemer.

Who?  We welcome children of all ages to be part of our family worship service. Please don’t worry about noise in the sanctuary! However, we have childcare during the service for children ages 0-7. Teachers will share the gospel with children in a language more suitable for them. The nursery is for children ages 0-2, and the Sunday School class is for children ages 3-7.

When?  We encourage children to stay in our worship service until the dismissal of children, which is about 25 minutes into our service. However, if you have a child 0-2, they may go downstairs to the nursery at any point during the service. For children ages 3-7, children will be dismissed following the announcements and will be directed to a teacher who will be standing in the front of the sanctuary. They will head upstairs for their lesson. Children ages 3-7 will be brought back to the sanctuary at the conclusion of the service by their teacher. Please head downstairs to the nursery to pick up infants and toddlers 0-2 immediately following the service.

What will they be doing?

Ages 0-2 – Nursery: Children ages 0-2 will be downstairs in the nursery. While there, they will sing some songs, read a bible story, have a snack (cheerios), and play with lots of toys!

Ages 3-7 – Sunday School: Children ages 3-7 will head upstairs with a teacher. While there, they will sing songs, engage in a lesson about their creator, and do crafts related to the week’s lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign my child in?

You need to sign your child in if they are in the nursery. Once you bring your child to the nursery, you will write your name, your child’s name, your cell phone number, and any information we should know on a clipboard.

Who will be caring for my child?

We have a combination of paid workers and trained church members who care for the children. All workers and volunteers have been background checked (CORI).

*Only parents are responsible for diapers and toileting toddlers. You will receive a text if your assistance is needed.

Where can I nurse/feed my baby?

There is a balcony where you can find some privacy and still be part of the service.

Where can I change a diaper?

Unfortunately, the bathrooms do not have changing tables. However, two spaces that can be used to change a diaper are downstairs in the nursery and upstairs in the balcony.

Can I leave any bags and belongings with my child?

We welcome water cups and other personal items that your child may need. Please make sure they are clearly labeled with the child’s name, and let the adult in charge know that you are leaving items.

What if my child is upset when I leave?

We know that it can be hard on some children to be apart from you. It’s totally normal to have some tears at first. We will text you if your child remains very upset, and the decision to get them will be up to you!

How can I keep an older child engaged during the worship service and sermon?

We will have some activities and worship guides available in the back!


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Kara Whittaker ( We look forward to meeting and serving you!